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Our Oakville Chiropractors

Oakville Chiropractor, Dr. John Zeni

Dr. John Zeni

Meet Dr. John Zeni

At 17 years old, you shouldn’t have a problem putting on your own pants!”

“That was the first time I knew something was wrong with my back” admits Dr. John Zeni.

“After many years of intense hockey training, my body was paying the price. I went through the traditional steps that many of us would take. First, I took some pain killers, then I saw my medical doctor and he sent me for some x-rays. The x-rays were negative and apparently I was as healthy as a horse. Well, I definitely didn’t feel that way. So I was sent to a physiotherapist and after several months of therapy I wasn’t much better than before. Finally, I was referred to see Dr. Peter MacDonald a local chiropractor and everything changed from there! Now, many years later chiropractic has become a huge part of my life, and I am extremely thankful that someone took the time to put me on the right path.”…read more »

Photo of Dr. Matthew Russell, Oakville Chiropractor

Dr. Matthew Russell

Meet Dr. Matthew Russell

Your nervous system controls your whole body. It is telling your lungs to breathe and heart to beat. This is why I’m a Chiropractor.”

Dr. Matthew Russell began his pre-chiropractic education at the University of Guelph where he successfully completed an Honours Bachelor of Science degree. During this time, Dr. Russell explored various subjects in the health sciences, but his true passion was in human biology and physiology. Dr. Russell began exploring several healthcare disciplines, but it was a visit to his local Chiropractor that changed everything…read more »

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